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2012-03-12 18:39

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Badrun MukhsininYou might wonder how Trees4Trees™ gets all those farmers involved in planting trees, not to mention training them and recording the planted trees? It's only possible with the assistance of people like Badrun Mukhsinin and his 74 fellow Field Coordinators. They are at the forefront of carrying out Trees4Trees' activity plans and checking that things are done correctly.

Badrun, a 44 year old father of two, works as a Math Teacher in Cilacap in the southern part of Java. His school hours are from 7 in the morning until noon including Saturdays, and after that he dedicates a substantial part of his time to carrying out his tasks as a Trees4Trees™ Field Coordinator.

Water Quality Sampling

Badrun's dedication is remarkable: He connects with villagers at all times of day and in all kinds of weather. If roads are not passable he will walk, and it is not unusual to find him in training or data collecting sessions with villagers late on a rainy night. Badrun's professional background, his interest in the environment and ease in connecting with farmers makes him a natural for collecting and analyzing data for Trees4Trees' mandatory Environmental and Social Impact Analysis. This activity requires frequent contact with farmers.

Collecting data at a natural spring

Cilacap is one of 15 Management units active in the Trees4Trees™ program and Badrun is one of 75 Field Coordinators, a volunteer function that is fuelled by the commitment of individuals like Badrun across Central Java helping to improve conditions in their areas.



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