2012 Planting Plan
In 2012, Trees4Trees plans to plant trees as much as 185,000 plc in 8 districts. The districts are Cilacap, Kebumen, Purbalingga, Pati, Jepara, Magelang, Tegal and Klaten. Various preparations are implemented such as socialization, data collection of plots and data collection of farmers who participate in the planting program.

Socialization for the purpose of informing community about Trees4Trees program.

Production of Seedling for 2012 Planting Period
To fulfill 2012 planting target, Trees4Trees will produce seedling as much as 196,000 seedlings that consists of Teak, Sengon, Suren, Mahoni and Mahogany. Three nurseries are prepared for the production. They are in Magelang which will produce 106,000 seedlings, nursery developed by Berkah Lestari farmer group in Purbalingga for production of 75,000 seedlings and the rest will be produced by nursery in agricultural vocational school, Trucuk, Klaten.

Blessing of the nursery in Magelang led by Father Teguh of PIKA Semarang.
Filling the polybag with soil for production of seedling.

For the purpose of evaluating the planting session before and identifying the level of growth, a monitoring is performed. It is organized through phases scheduled by Trees4Trees. Field Coordinator conducts monitoring in unit management after accomplishes training provided by Trees4Trees.

Novita, staff of Trees4Trees provided training on plant monitoring to Field Coordinator in Cilacap.

Trees4Trees will plant 185.000 trees in 2012

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