Community Consultation - SIA

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2011-06-30 19:10

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Community Consultation - SIA

Successful forest management requires the full cooperation of the communities who are affected by these activities. Gaining this trust and cooperation requires a deep understanding of the area and its inhabitants. The people side of this exercise is called Social Impact Assessment (SIA) and considers a community’s culture and economy.

Trees4Trees™ undertakes this process in every region we enter with group consultations, individual interviews and frequent site visits.

Trees4Trees™ recently finished an SIA study in the area of Pati in Central Java, one of Trees4Trees' Management Units, consisting of 37 villages. The information obtained helps us to meet the goals of the Trees4Trees program:

  • Increase in farmers' income and opportunities through tree growing.
  • Improve tree growing culture, skills, marketing in the community.
  • Protection of important cultural sites and spiritual places in the area.

Trees4Trees™ is committed to working to the benefit of local communities by employing the best practices in forest management.

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