Wet Feet To Big Smiles At Orphanage

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2012-02-27 18:12

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It does not involve so many trees but a lot of soil to make a big difference at a local orphanage for boys run by the Salvation Army here in Semarang, Central Java.

After funding the rebuilding of a badly needed kitchen last year, Trees4Trees participant, PT. Country Form Furniture, noticed that the very limited open spaces available at the facility looked to be possibly subject to flooding in wet season.

A recent visit revealed to their horror that all the open areas were under water due to the low level of the land and over flowing sewer canal adjoining, inundating the boys beloved football field & leaving them without a suitable outdoor playing area.

The inundated playing field after recent flood damage suffered through heavy rains and high tide.

A call to a few T4T participants resulted in quick action with a site visit by them, along with delivery of the inaugural truck of fill, dutifully unloaded by some of the site visitors! The first five truckloads were donated by Mark Bedford of Baker Bedford, UK, and a very kind offer quickly followed of a further fifteen truckloads from one of T4T's Indonesian Participants, who visited on the day.Unloading Clean Fill - "Put your backs into it boys!"

It was estimated that those loads would already raise about half of the kids central playing area, and other T4T Participants are being asked to donate for the balance of fill. Look out for the result next issue when it is planned to hold a game of football on the site between Participants and the Kids who call this place home.


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