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2013-03-21 19:47

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Sri Mujianti , ViaVia manager in front of Trees4Tours logoThere has recently been an increased interest in joining the Trees4Trees program for the purpose of reducing or 'offsetting' CO2 emissions. One such company is ViaVia tours who had the novel idea of offsetting the carbon they release in their business of providing tours and introducing Indonesian culture to domestic and foreign tourists through planting trees.

Sustainable tourism is a core value of the travel agency which has been established since 2005 in Yogyakarta, a city well known as student city and rich in cultural heritage in Indonesia. Tourists are familiarized with local Javanese culture and the interesting assimilation between modern and old culture. ViaVia provides a view on daily activities, history and social issues. ViaVia's tours involve local youths, providing them with inter cultural communication, language and tour guiding skills.

ViaVia's lowest carbon emision vehicle

ViaVia and Trees 4Trees™ have partnered to provide the planted trees for their Trees4Tours program. ViaVia decided to join the Trees4Trees program since the organizations share the same values and ideas in contributing to the social and environmental health of local communities. 

Trees4Tours, which was launched in June, will donate a tree for each person joining their tours. The goal is that by funding the planting of these trees, the CO2 released by the fossil-fueled motorcycle or automobile during the tour with be re-absorbed from the atmosphere.

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