Small Deforestations We Should All Recognize

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2016-02-15 17:03

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We all know that wood is a multipurpose commodity that is used for furniture, fuel, clothes, tissue, paper and so on. The high demand for trees has caused a serious problem: deforestation. It’s been a common problem since long ago and we are still cutting more than we are replanting.
Deforestation is still with us and it’s been in the news since the forests of Indonesia, Brazil and other tropical countries are burning each year. But do you know that there are also many “small deforestations” happening around us? They are happening near us all the time without us realizing it.
1. Homes everywhere
Have you ever wondered why you can see houses almost everywhere? If yes is your answer, then you are not alone. We can see homes are increasing just by seeing billboards in every corner of the city with ads for new homes.
There are several factors that affect this situation; one is the population growing year by year. The population data from shows that the world population grew 1.09% on average from 2014 to 2015, now more than 7.3 billion.
This situation of course, forces people to convert land into residences to live. If the land was covered by trees, then they must be cut, and this reduces the number of trees in the area.
2. The valleys are filling up
When you used to go traveling to the mountains, there would be trees or green plants as far as you could see. But now it’s a bit different. You may very well see those green areas taken up by houses, which shows that there’s not enough land in the city for everyone to settle down. This situation will probably cause some environmental problems in the future, including more deforestation, providing fresh water, strengthening the soil, and preventing flooding.
3. Where is the park?
“Why can’t I find a park in my city?”
We surely need a place for relaxation between our daily routine, school, work and responsibilities. The easiest and fastest place to go is to the park. But there are many cities where you can hardly find park. Then the only place we can go for relaxation is a mall or shopping center. If there are no parks where we can just sit and breathe fresh air, walk with pets, or do sports like jogging in the morning, we lose a big part of a happy life.
The world population is growing and putting pressure on natural spaces, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing we can do to save this situation and make a better living space. Awareness about the environment is needed and action should come from everyone and every house. We can plant some trees or grow a garden to create a green zone in every house. By doing this, the environment will be sustainable over time and will provide us and our animal friends a better living.
This action also should come together with support from the government to preserve green zones in the city. Let your local officials know that this is important to you and they should support more green parks in and around the city.


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