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2010-04-01 11:13

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Kertajaya Village

"Only words and words..."

Mr. Mucholil

Mucholil is a farmer who is also a "modin" (the village elder who is entitled to perform marriage rituals). Now Mucholil can add "Tree grower" to his job titles. When Trees4Trees™ first introduced the program in the village of Kertajaya, he wasn't interested . He felt this was just another initiative where officials come round making speeches and promises, and then nothing would happen. When Trees4Trees™ started sending staff in to map the area in preparation of planting, Mucholil began to change his mind.

Mucholil's Teak Trees



Does he still have doubts ?? "No, this is for real. The seedlings arrived as promised, our people were trained in planting and maintenance, we got help to make inventories of our existing trees. That's proof enough. We feel confident as farmers with this. We now look forward to harvesting" says Mucholil.

Mucholil Born in Cilacap, 31 December1951. Live in Dusun Igir Tugel, Village Kertajaya- District Cilacap. Current position in Trees4Tress Program ; leader of farmer group Jaya Makmur-village Kertajaya , which was established on August 31, 2009


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