Petai (Parkia speciosa)

Common Name
Parkia speciosa is a tree up to 15-40 m in height and 50-100 cm in diameter. Branchlets are hairy

Parkia occurs in scattered lowland rainforests and sometimes also in tall secondary forests, on sandy, loamy and podzolic soils, also in waterlogged locations, in freshwater swamp forests, and on riverbanks. The tropical lowland tree requires some shade when young

Food: Seeds are sometimes used as a vegetable; they have a garlic flavour and a very strong odour. Due to the foul smell of the green seeds, they are sometimes referred to as the ‘evil-smelling bean

Timber: Parkia yields a usually lightweight, occasionally medium-weight hardwood with a density of 350-810 kg/m³ at 15% mc. Heartwood white, yellow-white or pale yellowish-brown, with paler and darker streaks in older trees. Wood is non-durable with a service life of about 1 year, but preservative treatment is easy

Rudi Mansyah 22-Jun-21

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