Social and Environmental Impact Assessment

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2011-06-16 11:00

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Keramat Buyut Remik - Cultural Site
Mt Muria
Checking the spring of Pucung Mudina

During this period, Trees4Trees™ performed Social and Environmental Impact Assessment. The objective of environmental assessment was to identify positive and negative impact that have resulted from program activity towards surrounding environment.

Result of the assessment is Environmental Impact Assessment, Social Impact Assessment and High Conservation Value Report.

Mr. Nuryanto, guide of data collection on spring was checking the spring of 'Pucung Mudinan' in sub village of Pulingan, Gunungsari village, Tlogowungu, Pati District. A cultural site namely 'Keramat Buyut Remik' which became a finding during Social Impact Assessment in Sentul village, Cluwak subdistrict, Pati. A location visited during Social Impact Assessment in Pati. It was at the slope of Mount Muria.

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