Social and Environmental Impact Assessment

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2011-09-03 14:50

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Social Impact Assessment (SIA) consists of several steps, started with social indicator, secondly, data collection, then analysis, continued with social mapping and finally ended with monitoring.
It is expected that community where the program/activity delivered will get maximum positive impact and minimum negative impact in social aspect. Same as SIA, Environmental Impact Assessment implemented as an effort to maximize positive impact and minimize negative impact of a program/activity to a community and its surrounding environment.
Ari, staff of Trees4Trees was checking the quality of Pancur Songo spring at Jrahi, Gunungwungkal, Pati during the implementation of Environmental Impact Assessment. A spot observed, sharp slope at Gunungsari, subdistrict of Tlogowungu. Flower found by Environmental Impact Assessment during data collection of biodiversity, species Melastoma malabathiricum

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