Planting of Seedlings ex 2011

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2012-01-01 01:00

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Planting of Seedlings ex 2011
Coordination on distribution of seedlings in Management Units which are going to conduct planting (Magelang, Banyumas, Purbalingga and Cilacap)
Supervision of Nursery in order to make sure whether the seedlings are ready to distribute
For 2011 planting period, seedlings distributed come from nurseries developed by SMK Trucuk-Klaten, SMK Kalibagor-Banyumas and Berkah Lestari farmer group, Purbalingga.
Students of SMK Trucuk, Klaten are measuring the height of the trees, as part of selection of seedlings distributed
Students of SMK 1 Kalibagor is taking care of the seedlings

Ejeb, Trees4Trees planting manager is checking the nursery of Berkah Lestari Farmer Group, Purbalingga
Stakeholder Visit
Visit of candidate sponsor (D-BODHI) in Magelang
Visit of Merpati Airlines in Banyumas for possible cooperation with Trees4Trees
Mr. Alex Jankovic is checking planting area in Seloboro village, Magelang  Mr. Tri of Merpati Airlines is checking the nursery in SMK Kalibagor, Banyumas

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