The Manan & Trees4Trees™ Foundations undertake fund raising activity at Archipelago Fest 2009.

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2009-10-27 08:55

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The Archipelago Fest 2009 - Adopt a Tree Initiative is a partnership fund raising activity of the Manan and Trees4Trees Foundations. The event will be undertaken at Supermal Karawaci, Jakarta, Indonesia from the 30th October to the 1st November 2009.
Funds donated through the Archipelago Fest 2009 - Adopt a Tree Initiative will be used to gift trees to Javanese farmers and their families. The gifted trees become the property of the farmer and their family. Farmers will receive tree seedlings of timber species including teak, mahogany, mindi, suren, albazzia and/or mango. All species are grown in Java in community forests and are used in the production of furniture and wood products for international and domestic consumption.
Individuals who donate at the Archipelago Fest 2009 - Adopt a Tree Initiative will receive a certificate acknowledging their contribution. They can also choose to be acknowledged formally on the Trees4Trees™ website.
The Manan Foundation is an Indonesian, non-profit organization with the purpose of developing communities through education in preserving and developing our nation core values and patriotism.
Manan Foundation Core Values:

  •  Equal opportunities in learning and self-improvement in all aspects of life.
  •  Caring and respect in the community with a mutual balance of rights and duties.
  • Tolerate and integrate the differences in peace and harmony.
  • Be honest, open, and responsible in every action.
  • Extend positive impact towards the community.

Trees4Trees™ is a non-profit foundation established in Indonesia by responsible furniture manufacturers and their customers worldwide.Trees4Trees™ empowers local communities through partnership reforestation initiatives and related education programs. Increasing the area of community planted and owned forest creates livelihood assets, renews the environment and reduces the negative effects of deforestation.


Renewing the environment and empowering the local communities through the forestry and education

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