January, 2013 Seedling Distribution

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2013-01-31 21:21

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Mr. Mahmud, T4T Field Coordinator distributing Albizia seedlings to farmers at Binangun Target Area, Cilacap.

Trees4Trees™ distributed 184,972 tree seedlings in January 2013. The species consist of Sengon, Teak, Suren and Mahogany. The seedling were distributed to eight districts in Central Java: Kebumen, Purbalingga, Cilacap, Magelang, Klaten, Tegal and Pati.


Sengon (Albasia) was the most favored species in the current planting year amounting to 117,548 seedlings (64% of the total) that were distributed by Trees4Trees™. This species was preferred because it is easy to maintain and its faster maturity compared with other species provides better economic value to farmers. The quantity of Teak distributed was 52,394 (28%); Suren 7,975 (4%), and Mahogany 7,055 (4%).

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