Green Tips at Schools

Green lifestyle isn’t just something we do at home, we can spread this way of life throughout every aspect of our lives, that includes at school. We can teach our younger generation about simple responsible behavior to help our planet. Here we give some green advice about what to do at school.

1. Sort the trash
Children can sort the trash between organic or non-organic trash. This will help them to increase their environment awareness.
2. Clean the classroom everyday
Make daily schedule for students who are in charge to clean the classroom. This will help embed responsibility for each student about the environment in a small scale.
3. Do the 3R!
Children are often more creative! They probably have ideas to turn things into something more useful by doing the 3R’s. Use this activity for extracurricular activity.
4. Take them on a green field trip
It’s more effective to expose them to real experience by visiting some places where they can learn more about environment. Villages, conservation areas, or take them for camping.
5. Start gardening
Getting students involved in taking care of the school’s garden. This real activity will stimulate their mindset about environment in the future….it will also help them eat their vegetables.
6. Write something about nature
Encourage the students to write some topics about environment, and the result of their papers can be shown at school’s information board as their credit. This will stimulate their imagination and their intentions about the natural world they want for the future. 

Being Green at School

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2015-12-21 09:39

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