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Barker Bedford, a member of Trees4Trees visited Central Java on September 2010. They could see processes facilitated by Trees4Trees directly and collect information on the involvement of local farmer group in the program

Mr. Ian Pike, a member of Barker Bedford delegation was observing and measuring the height of a tree Two members of farmer group accompanied the field visit. They provided information to the delegation on programs in their area.

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Mr. Melle discussing forest management with farmer

The Dutch association of senior professionals, PUM, generously sent an experienced tropical forester, Mr. Gideon van Melle, to evaluate Trees4Trees' operations.

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Pak Cipto 2008

“I decided to take Trees4Trees’ offer of free teak seedlings in 2008, well, why not? I had space to spare between my other crops and trees do not need much maintenance”

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Data collection and mapping is aimed at identifying area which has been planted, not yet planted, look for possible area for expanded planting, land typology, including social and legal factors surrounding.

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The objective of the socialization is to provide information to farmer group, community (also sponsor and other stakeholders) on issues related to planting plan. The issues are planting schedule, planting area, distribution of seeds and the quantity etc. A total of 25,000 of seedlings are planned to distribute to Management Unit:


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Teak Tree growth at 12 months

Is it worthwhile to plant trees?? Does it matter??

Some trees grow incredibly slowly, but it all adds up when they grow to maturity.

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Trees4Trees™ first introduced the tree planting program in the village of Kertajaya, he wasn't interested . He felt this was just another initiative where officials come round making speeches and promises, and then nothing would happen. When Trees4Trees™ started sending staff in to map the area in preparation of planting, Mucholil began to change his mind.

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Plant monitoring is performed in areas where Trees4Trees program is working. It is aimed at identifying the progress of the plants.

A sixteen years old of Mango at Duren Village, Semarang District. Label on the plant is purposed for identification by Trees4Trees or member who has contributed for replanting as replacement of trees taken for industrial purpose. Mr. Kusdianto, a Field Coordinator of Jepara Management Unit is photographed with sixteen months old Teak in Jepara District.

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Education Program

  • We start the environment education program by assessing the students’ knowledge of the subject. This year’s program started off in the Elementary School (Sekolah Dasar) of Cikedondong 1 located in Village Cikedondong, District Cilacap.


  • The purpose of the initial assessment is to deliver educational modules that are appropriate in relation to the knowledge level of students in that area. Knowledge of the environment has proven to vary greatly villages and districts.


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Environmental  Impact  Assessment/EIA
An Environmental impact Assessment (EIA) is an assessment of the possible impact—positive or negative—on the environment when a new activity/program is introduced in an area. The assessment  considers natural, social and economic aspects.
The purpose of the assessment is to ensure that possible environmental impacts are considered before deciding to go ahead with the program or designs the program to avoid possible negative impact.

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Featured stories

Harvesting responsible wood

Trees4Trees™ has been planting trees in Central Java communities since 2007. One of the big benefits of community forestry is that in addition to added tree cover it provides an income for those communities when the trees are harvested. Some of the fast growing species planted by Trees4Trees are already coming to harvest-able maturity.

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Maintenance in the upstream river area is important to ongoing healthy water supply

Water is the essence of life and to provide a healthy living environment for local communities, the water supply must be clean and protected.

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Renewing the environment and empowering the local communities through the forestry and education

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