Why Plant Trees for Kenteng Village?

Water is essential for human life. However, Kenteng Village faces water scarcity every year due to the severe drought in the area during the dry season. Villagers must trek about two kilometers to reach the only nearest spring for clean water.Conversely, the rainy season brings the threat of landslides to the village. In 2017, the village suffered from a devastating landslide, triggering a flood that caused destruction to homes and livestocks.

To help prevent the landslide occurences and address water scarcity, we planted hundreds of trees in Kenteng Village last year. This year, our mission continues and we need your support.

Join us in planting trees and supporting #GivingTuesday to help the village. These trees not only enhance the environment, but also empower local farmers to improve their livelihood by planting high-value trees.

By planting trees, you:
  • Help villagers in overcoming the problem of water shortage during dry season
  • Preserve the availability of water spring from drying out
  • Aid in the preventative measure against future landslide occurrences.
  • Empower local farmers to cultivate high-value trees on their lands
  • Support improved livelihood to local farmers, enabling the cultivation of high-value trees
  • Contribute to capturing carbon.

What villagers say about Kenteng Village

Gunardi Kenteng Village Secretary

Drought comes about in several areas of our village every year during the dry season. If drought occurs in just two months, water is hard to come by. The villagers hope they can plant trees that can increase the availability of water, as well as get the result from trees they plant to improve their livelihoods.

Rokhimin Farmer Group Leader of Kenteng Village

In our village, there are many landslide-prone areas. What we have to face every year is when the dry season comes, our village is threatened with water shortages in some areas. In the rainy season, our village is threatened with landslides in some other areas.

Arif Villager of Kenteng Village

In the dry season, I have to queue to the closest spring from 10 PM to 3 AM just to get two jugs of clean water. The hope is our village can be planted with tree species that can capture and hold a lot of water so we do not have to experience drought or lack of clean water in the future

With just US$ 1.00 you can plant a tree and make a difference.
Plant as many trees as you wish to create a stronger impact!


Take part in #GivingTuesdayForTrees

Mark the date! You can GIVE TREES starting November, 7 to 29 2022 through our website trees4trees.org.

#GivingTuesdayForTrees has started! 🌱🎁

Let's donate TREES for Kenteng Village in Kebumen, Central Java, Indonesia!

Planting trees for Kenteng Village!#GivingTuesdayForTrees

Unleash your generosity and give a hope for Kenteng Village by planting trees!


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