Family business started in 1975 , we are wood specialists and wood lovers . Initially specialised in Veneers we focused on flooring table tops and other wood products designed for interior decoration.
We give a large priority to certified and well managed sources.

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Planting committee with the first tree

PT Pertamina, through its commitment to the environment and local communities has funded the planting of 10.067 trees in Semarang and Kendal Central Java. 61 local farmers will commit their land for this community forestry project and will be the owners of the trees, which will provide them with an income when the trees are mature and ready for harvesting. Trees4Trees provides the free seedlings along with training and mentoring to help the farmers to plant and care for their community forests.

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TREE, Hong Kong’s first eco-chic furniture boutique, has a specific style and vision of beautiful, sustainable and comfortable home living that incorporates clean, relaxed and re-energised living space with strong contemporary lines, unique style and flawless craftsmanship.


Renewing the environment and empowering the local communities through the forestry and education

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