Cargill Semarang Trees Planting

Cargill Indonesia Semarang Branch planted 1000 Albazia Trees at Gondoriyo Village

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2016-04-11 16:07

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Trees Planting: 1000 Albizia
Reforestation in Gondoriyo

On March 16 2016 Cargill, Semarang Branch as the second planting project of Cargill, planted 1000 Albazia trees. This is part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts which means that the company should care not only for the environment but for the local community as well.
Albazia trees were chosen because they are relatively easy to grow, fast growing, and have economical value at the time of harvest. Albazia is also good for capturing water.
Regional Manager of Cargill Indonesia, Mr Sugeng Boniran, says “Since the start of Cargill Indonesia our pledge is to always do good because it is part of our values. We hope we can conserve this area and give something meaningful to the farmers through this activity”.
Sobirin, one of the farmers who received the donated trees, says “We are happy for the trees. Farmers and trees are inseparable; they are our lives. We hope there will be more trees coming for us.”
Ms Yetty, an agricultural officer at the Central Java Provincial office, said “Gondoriyo lies on a hill that is used as a water catchment area. I hope that more trees will be coming to this area in the future and save the water collection of the area.”


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