About Us

Trees4Trees™ is a non-profit foundation that empowers local communities with reforestation initiatives and related education programs.

T4T - 1000 Trees

The foundation distributes free seedlings of high value species including teak, mahogany, mango and other local timbers to local farmers and resident land owners. The program provides technical guidance on planting and best forestry practices in addition to long term monitoring and market assistance to help the tree growers maximize value.

Trees4Trees™ also sponsors outreach educational programs in local communities and schools to raise awareness of the environmental and economic benefits of growing healthy trees. By increasing the area of community planted and owned forests, the negative effects of deforestation are reduced and the environment is renewed.

The program is designed to benefit stakeholders beginning to end in the chain of our activities:

  • The environment gains by the increase of well managed forest cover on private lands.

  • Local communities benefit through the planting of commercial species providing long term support to their livelihood.

  • Companies benefit by having a verifiable and efficient program by which to give back to the environment and the communities they operate in and recognition that they are operating in responsible way.

  • Retailers benefit by gaining credible point of sale materials to help educate their sales staff and enable their customers to make informed buying decisions.

  • Consumers benefit by the availability of products that contribute to a healthier environment and help local communities thus providing assurance that they have made responsible purchasing decisions.

The foundation's goal is to provide an effective but practical program for individuals and companies to help improve the environment and the lives of people in rural communities. Participation is open to everyone. Individuals donating directly to the program receive a certificate with a WIN location of the trees they have funded. Individuals and companies also have the opportunity to sponsor a community forest a seedling nursery or educational program. Manufacturers who are using wood in their products may join upon agreement to follow Trees4Trees™ rules on ethics, wood sourcing and procedures. 


Renewing the environment and empowering the local communities through the forestry and education

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