Nursery Highlights: Witness the Flourishing Journey of Seedlings

In the preparation for the 2023 planting season, all Trees4Trees’ nurseries in Central and West Java are bustling with activity as we nurture various kinds of tree seedlings, ranging from timber to fruit trees. Our dedicated nursery teams are working diligently to produce high-quality seedlings, reflecting our unwavering commitment to provide high-quality seedlings. 

One of our key priorities is to cultivate the tree seedlings using organic farming techniques. It aims to ensure that they are environmentally friendly. By adopting sustainable practices, we aim to contribute to a greener and healthier ecosystem. 

Observe the journey of nurturing these seedlings until they flourish into young trees. Take a glimpse into Trees4Trees’ nurseries through the captivating images below! 

The Petai (Stinky Beans) seedlings, one of native Indonesia trees, are now beginning to grow into young trees at our newest nursery, Soreang Nursery. Our team cultivates these seedlings using the direct sowing or polybags method. It is a method where the fruit seeds are placed directly into polybags filled with planting media. Our team applies this particular method typically to trees with larger seeds. Other than petai, our team in West Java has also cultivates avocado, durian, coffee, and clove with this method. Meanwhile, in Trees4Trees Central Java, our team applies the method to avocado, durian, jack fruit, and petai. 

Similarly, the Durian, another native tree of Indonesia, is undergoing cultivation using the direct sowing or polybag method. Excitingly, at our Ciminyak nursery, the durian seedlings have already exhibited impressive growth, with their stems reaching new heights!  

As the durian seedlings progress in their growth journey, the seeds, known as durian ‘seedlings’ heads’ naturally detach from the stems and require removal. Recently, the dedicated nursery team at Ciminyak nursery was diligently engaged in cleaning the durian seedlings, carefully removing the detached ‘heads’ from the growing stems. 

In addition to the direct sowing method, we also employ the indirect sowing or tray sowing method to cultivate seedlings. This involves germinating seeds in sowing trays or tubs, which is especially suitable for trees with small seeds. Typically, they need around five to 22 days (about 3 weeks) before our team transfers them to polybags. At Trees4Trees Kebumen nursery, our dedicated team is currently germinating kaliandra seeds, and we are delighted to witness their successful emergence and growth. In addition to kaliandra, our team applies this method to indigofera and sengon trees. 

Our nursery team at Soreang Nursery is in the process of weaning the baby eucalyptus trees from the sowing tray. Similar to kaliandra, our team cultivates these seedlings using the indirect sowing or tray sowing method. Once the seedlings have grown into baby trees, they require careful weaning and transfer to individual polybags. In the West Java area, our team has applied this method to manglid, gmelina, eucalyptus, sengon, and suren. 

Upon completing the weaning process, the nursery team will proceed to transfer the seedlings from the sowing trays to individual polybags. It is the next phase of growth. After one month, our nursery team will carefully select the seedlings. The selection is based on their height and then grouped together in the same blocks. 

The Trees4Trees Kebumen nursery team (above) and the Pati nursery team (below) are actively engaged in transferring the kaliandra seedlings from the sowing trays to individual polybags. 

The avocado seedlings (above) and coffee seedlings (below) at Cirasea nursery are flourishing, steadily reaching new heights. Avocado and coffee trees stand among the most sought-after choices for our tree growers. 

Witness the Flourishing Journey of Seedlings

Sengon remains the most highly sought-after timber tree among our tree growers. In Trees4Trees Pati nursery, the young sengon trees are beginning to thrive, displaying vibrant green growth. 

Witness the Flourishing Journey of Seedlings

Vironica Arnila 02-Aug-23

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