Nursery Highlight: Preparations Underway for the 2024-2025 Planting Season  

As our 2024-2025 planting cycle begins, preparations have been in full swing at our nurseries. We eagerly anticipate the planting season at the end of this year, aiming to plant more trees in diverse areas, including hilly areas, riverbanks, industrial zones, and water sources nearby.  

Over the past two months, our dedicated nursery teams have been busy setting up essential infrastructure, such as greenhouses, seedbeds, electricity and watering systems. They have also been improving our in-house nursery management technology. These facilities are crucial for the nursery’s operation and for ensuring timely delivery to our tree growers. By maintaining efficient infrastructure, we aim to achieve our planting goals, maximizing the benefits for both the environment and our tree grower partners. 

This year, we aim to plant five million trees across 20 trees species. We will distribute these tree-seedlings to approximately 23,000 farmers over a two-month period (December to January). These seedlings will be shipped to various locations, amounting to around 3,300 truckloads during the planting season, or approximately 55 trucks per day. 

Explore the early stages of our nurseries’ activities below! 

(Above) Our nursery team is diligently preparing planting media (a mix of soil and manure) to fill polybags for planting tree seedlings. As the seedlings grow, during the distribution stage, each tree grower will receive approximately 220 tree seedlings, packed with an average of 12 per bag. This translates to a total of 417,000 bags of seedlings distributed, each customized with a mix of species according to the farmers’ preferences.  

As part of our commitment to women’s empowerment, we employ women from the local community as seasonal workers in our nurseries, providing them with the opportunity to earn income independently and support their families economically. 

We are also excited to announce that one of our nurseries in Bandung has been relocated from Cililin to Cipongkor District. (Above) The new site, now situated nearby Saguling Reservoir, where the Ciminyak river flows. The relocation is part of our commitment to enhance the tree planting and maximize the trees’ growth this year. 

To enhance the new Ciminyak nursery facilities, our team built traditional working spaces using bamboo. These traditional working spaces will be used for meetings and coordination purposes. 


The Soreang nursery team (above) and the Kebumen nursery team (below) are building new greenhouses to grow more tree seedlings this year and optimize their growth. The greenhouse provides the light, warmth, temperature, and air crucial for the seedlings’ survival. It also protects them from extreme heat or cold by maintaining the temperature. 

(Above) A nursery worker applies bamboo sticks to create seedbeds. (Below) The Kebumen nursery team has completed establishing new seedbeds along with the frames to apply shading nets. These new seedbeds have been established to enhance the growth of tree-seedlings. These seedbeds will also be used to group the tree seedlings based on type, height, and health. 

As part of Trees4Trees’ commitment to effective seedling distribution and transparency for our supporters, we utilize in-house technology to record nursery activities. This includes tracking the process of seedlings being grown, distributed, and loaded.  Our IT team  provided Cirasea nursery team (above) and Soreang nursery team (below) with training on the operation of our nursery management system. Similar training was also provided to teams at all Trees4Trees nurseries.

As a non-profit organization dedicated to reforestation, Trees4Trees not only distributes and plants trees but also produces tree seedlings in-house at our four nurseries across West Java and Central Java.  

Our nurseries operations are vital, enabling us to control and ensure the quality of the seedlings provided to tree growers and used in our reforestation programs. Each tree species has its own growth cycle requirements, making our nursery management system essential for planning and controlling the process. This ensures all seedlings are grown and delivered on schedule as complete orders to the farmers. 

Each year, our nurseries make a substantial impact as they significantly contribute to environmental improvement and create valuable job opportunities for the local community. You can also plant trees with us and join our reforestation program this year to make a positive impact! Contact us at to get involved.  

Vironica Arnila 04-Jun-24

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