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Trees provide numerous benefits on a daily basis. They offer cooling shade, act as a barrier against winds, as habitat for wildlife, purify the air we breathe and water we drink, prevent soil erosion, flooding, and other environmental problems. 

At our organization, we focus on environmental renewal and community empowerment through reforestation initiatives and education.  

We achieve this by producing high-value seedlings and distributing them free of charge to local farmers, who have become our valued tree-growing partners. 

Everyone has the power to take action and contribute to saving the Earth by planting trees and we wholeheartedly invite you to join us in planting trees in terrestrial and coastal areas, working together to create a more sustainable planet to live on. 


If you encounter difficulties while donating trees through our donation page, alternatively you can also make a direct donation to our PayPal account or our Bank account. Follow these steps! 

Donate Tree with PayPal 

1. Log in to your PayPal account 

2. Go to ‘Send and Request’

3. Click ‘Send’ – ‘Send Payment to’

4. Enter Trees4Trees PayPal account:

5. Click: Send to

6. Fill in the donation amount. Start from 1 US$ and above 

7. Leave a note of the donation purpose. You can also add your message you want to display at your trees in our online map in the column of ‘What’s this payment for’

8. Click ‘Continue’ then ‘Send Payment Now’

9. Our administration team will confirm your donation through email address. If you do not receive an email from us in three days, please email us a confirmation that you had made your donation payment with your planting purpose (See point 7 above) to our official email: with the email subject: Donation Payment Confirmation_PayPal (Your Name)

Donate Tree Direct to Bank Account

1. You can transfer your donation to the following bank account:


           Account Number 1360001234514 

          Bank Mandiri – Branch Sisingamangaraja Semarang

2. Once your donation has been made, please send us your donation confirmation and proof of payment to our official email, along with your data:

a. Name/Company Name

b. Email address (make sure it is an active email address)

c. Leave a note of the donation purpose. You can also add your message you want to display at your trees in our online map in the column of ‘What’s this payment for’

We need your email address to send you a digital certificate and WIN number to track the trees planted location.

Send your confirmation along with information with the email subject: Donation Payment Confirmation_Bank Transfer (Your Name).


Why Should You Donate Trees4Trees? 

When you plant a tree with Trees4Trees, your action goes beyond merely putting a tree in the ground. It also supports a farming family in a developing country, ensuring their continued commitment to planting trees in the future. 

You can visit your trees through the online map in on the website.  

Once your donation has been made, our team will email you a certificate with a QR code and a WIN (World Identification Number) that enable you to visit your trees online   

Scan the QR code or enter a WIN (World Identification Number) code on our website. Click See Your Trees button to enter a WIN number and visit your trees online! 

  • If you have trouble in making donation payment for planting trees, do not hesitate to contact us through email or WA/Call +62 81554384357 
Vironica Arnila 22-May-23

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