10 Sustainable New Year Resolutions

10 sustainable new year resolutions
Tree seedlings grown by Trees4Trees nursery. Photo: Trees4Trees/Yulianisa Dessenita

10 Sustainable New Year Resolutions; Many of us use the moment of New Year to make a resolution. We reflect on what we have accomplished in the past year, and we plan on what we would like to change in the future. A New Year moment is a good chance to set a goal which evolve ourselves for a better life.  

This moment is also a good opportunity to reset our habits that support a sustainable life. If you are someone who puts a more sustainable lifestyle as one of your New Year’s resolutions, there are lots of things you can do. From making a small daily routine to a bigger green movement. Here are ten recommendations for a more sustainable lifestyle you can put in your resolution lists.  

1. Refill and reduce single-plastic use  

Using a single plastic is wasteful and hurts the planet in many ways.  Thankfully, there are many alternatives to replace single-use plastic items. We can start to change the habit of using single-used plastic by refilling and using reusable containers for shampoo, conditioner, multi-purpose cleaner, and more.

2. Buy slow fashion or second—hand clothing and exchange clothes  

The fashion industry emits a huge greenhouse gas. To reduce emissions, we can change our habits by choosing the clothes we wear. We can choose second-hand clothes or join a clothing swap community to exchange clothes with somebody else’s clothes instead of buying new clothes. If we want to buy new clothes, make sure they are slow fashion (high-quality clothes, made from degradable fabric like cotton and silk, also can be worn for a long time).  

3. Reduce food waste 

Food waste is a widespread issue globally. According to FAO, 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted per year and strongly contributes to climate change. But we can do many things to reduce food waste and its impact on the environment. We can start by planning our meals. Making a shopping list and buying only the ingredients we need per week is better than buying a lot of ingredients at the same time. We can also freeze food or leftovers to reduce waste.  

4. Start composting  

Composting is a great solution to reduce the carbon footprint impact of household waste. It is easier than it looks. We can start composting our food scraps and other biodegradable items around our house. Composting will create organic fertilizers that can enrich plants around us or in our garden. 

We can set up a composter in the outdoor space like in the backyard or even in our kitchen. We can choose a fully sealed composter that will not release any bad smells from the waste.  

10 Sustainable new year resolutions
Composting. Photo: Freepik

5. Turn off lights and other electronics when not in use 

Turning off lights and unplugging smartphone chargers, microwaves, game consoles, and other unused electricity takes only a few seconds. It will not only save energy but also save money to pay our electricity bills.  

6. Bring reusable bags and produce sacks for shopping 

Plastic bags are commonly used in grocery stores. But these past few years, most supermarkets have introduced plastic bags free as part of preventing plastic waste movement. Always bring our own reusable shopping bags and produce sacks when going to grocery stores. There are many variations of reusable bags nowadays. From foldable bags to shopping bags made from recycled material like burlap, and more. Whatever they are, these reusable bags are helping to reduce plastic pollution.  

7. Less driving a car, more walking and cycling 

Another great way to be more sustainable is to drive car less to lower carbon emissions. Swapping from driving a car to walking or cycling even just one day a week makes a significant impact on personal carbon emissions.  Fossil fuel transportation is one of the causes of greenhouse gases. Choosing to walk or ride a bicycle instead of driving a car or motorcycle has significant advantages for the environment.  

10 Sustainable New Year Resolutions
Walking in the forest. Photo: Trees4Trees/Kemas Duga Muis

8. Bring water bottle wherever you go  

It is important to eliminate plastic bottles so the plastic water bottles which end up in landfills will be reduced. By switching from buying mineral water in single-use plastic bottles to using a reusable water bottle, we can save a lot of money and contribute to reduce plastic waste globally.  

9. Use eco-friendly products  

There are lots of eco-friendly products offered nowadays. From kitchenware, bath products, cutleries, shopping bags, and more. Usually, they are made from organic materials that are safe for environments like bamboo and coconut fiber, loofah, or recycled materials.  Using eco-friendly products that do not harm the environment is a great option to live more sustainably.  

10. Plant a tree  

Trees have an incredible benefit for the environment. They provide oxygen and clean water, prevent disasters like flooding, and landslides, and as a habitat for wildlife.  By planting trees, we are contributing to preserve the environment and combat global warming.  

You can gift a tree as a gift to your loved ones at this New Year moment. The tree you gift to your loved ones will contribute to improve the environment and help the local community where it is planted.   

Gift Trees: Give Trees as a Gift to Your Loved Ones 

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