Suren (Toona sureni)

Common Name 
Redcedar, toon, toona, suren
Toona sureni is a medium-sized to fairly large tree, up to 40 (60) m tall and diameter up to 100 cm (300 cm in mountainous areas) with dark brown young branches. The bole is branchless for up to 25 m and buttressed up to 2 m. Bark is usually fissured and flaky, whitish, greyish brown or pale brown, scented when cut.

Suren is a light-weight to medium hardwood. Grain straight, interlocked or sometimes wavy. Texture rather coarse and uneven, wood somewhat lustos, feeling dry, fragrant with cedar-like scent, with characteristic acrid taste Construction timber, plywood, decorative veneer, musical instrument, ornamental boxes.

Timber: The sapwood is pink and heartwood light red or brown. It has a density of 270-670 kg/m3 at 15% moisture content. It is used for high-class cabinet wood, furniture, interior finishing, decorative paneling, crafts, musical instruments, cigar boxes and veneers.

Essential oil: The bark and fruits produce essential oils.

Medicine: The bark and roots are astringent and tonic, used against diarrhea while the leaf extracts have antibiotic

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