Jambu air (Syzygium aqueum)

Common Name
Watery rose apple
Watery rose apple is usually an evergreen shrub or small tree with a small crown; it usually grows 6 – 10 metres tall, sometimes up to 15 metres. The fruit is very thin-skinned and not very suitable for commercial cultivation, but it is a popular fruit and is often sold in local markets. Larger specimens are sometimes harvested for their wood, which can be used locally or traded. The tree is often cultivated for its fruit in home gardens, where it is planted along driveways and paths
Food: Fruit usually eaten raw, they can also be made into a syrup

Timber: The heartwood is a golden brown, greyish brown, or brown, with pink or purplish glints; it is not demarcated from the 1 – 4 cm wide band of sapwood. The texture is fine; the grain is slightly interlocked, sometimes wavy or irregular; there are resin deposits. The wood is heavy; moderately hard; somewhat durable, being moderately resistant to fungi and termites, but susceptible to dry wood borers. It seasons slowly, with a high risk of checking and distortion; once dry it is moderately stable in service. It works well with ordinary tools, nailing and screwing are good so long as the wood is pre-bored; gluing is correct. The wood is used for musical instruments, tool handles, furniture components, shipbuilding, heavy carpentry, flooring, joinery, etc

Photo by Lauren Guttierez from Flickr

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