Trees4Trees™ is a program of Sustainable Green Earth Foundation (Yayasan Bumi Hijau Lestari). We are a non-profit foundation.

Trees4Trees produces seedlings of high value species, which are distributed to local farmers free of charge, along with technical guidance on planting, good forestry practices and education on the benefits of a healthy environment. The trees are recorded and monitored on a continuing basis.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Build a program that contributes to the health of the environment while improving social well-being, which is economically effective, self-sustaining and realized by direct action in the communities where we work.

Our Mission

Tree4Trees™ works to improve the environment and the lives of people in local communities through planting trees, education and related services and by doing so, create value for all stakeholders in the stream of our activities.
Our Mission
Why Plant Trees?

Why Plant Trees?

Because we need them…

Trees retain water and their root systems stabilize the soil which in turn reduces the loss of topsoil and run-off into rivers, lakes and eventually the sea. Trees help by absorbing and neutralizing pollutants from the air and when their leaves fall, they keep moisture in the ground and provide necessary nutrients for other plants to grow.


These are some measurable impacts that come from your support of planting trees.


Have Questions about Our Program?

Trees4Trees is a program of Yayasan Bumi Hijau Lestari (Sustainable Green Earth Foundation), a non-profit foundation founded in Indonesia. We are dedicated to fostering community forestry as a way to help the environment and reduce rural poverty by planting trees.

The owner of the land the trees are planted on becomes the owner of the trees free and clear. They are under no obligation except to take care of the trees.

There are many ways that local communities participating in the Trees4Trees Program are benefited. Our objective is to help the environment by making it economically advantageous to the people who take part in the program. Here are a few of the ways that they gain from participating:

• They get free seedlings of high value tree species that will grow into valuable assets for them
• They get training to optimize the value of the trees they are planting and to help them improve their local living environment.
• They get the improved local environmental benefit of having greater forest cover, which helps to reduce erosion, keeps cleaner rivers and better air quality.
• Some communities are the beneficiaries of seedling nurseries that Trees4Trees has established. This provides employment and high quality seedlings for use in their own community forests.

The Trees4Trees Program is not a wood certification scheme. In some cases we plant trees to replace those used in the production of wood products such as furniture and building materials. We can show the locations, species and all the planting details from our database but we do not track the downstream use of the trees. Our focus is getting more trees in the forest.

You can help by donating to the cause. You can also buy products that are carrying the Trees4Trees™ logo. Currently we do not send volunteers to the field due to liability and insurance issues however we do collaborate on studies and other environmental and social projects. If you have a project you think would fit with our program or are interested in studying our field data, you can send us a brief description and we'll get back to you to discuss it.

Yes. The planting of trees does absorb CO2 from the environment. Individual trees vary in the amount of CO2 they will absorb during their lifetime so we use the industry standard methods to calculate average amounts of CO2 absorbed across all our plantings. This is a fair estimate of the CO2 that your donation will capture. Although we do not issue certified carbon credits, we use conservative numbers in our estimates and we therefore believe our estimates are a fair representation of the amount of CO2 your donated trees will capture.


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