2012 Planting Plan
In 2012, Trees4Trees plans to plant trees as much as 185,000 plc in 8 districts. The districts are Cilacap, Kebumen, Purbalingga, Pati, Jepara, Magelang, Tegal and Klaten. Various preparations are implemented such as socialization, data collection of plots and data collection of farmers who participate in the planting program.

Socialization for the purpose of informing community about Trees4Trees program.

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Three Month Seedlings in the Nursery

Two years ago, when first proposed, no one in Patemon believed that they could manage a seedling nursery. With training and support from Trees4Trees™ they have gained the skills needed to run a successful community business.

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At the end of 2011, December, Trees4Trees performs activities in Central Java and East Java. The activities consist of:

  • Trees4Trees participation in social event, together with SMKN 1 Kalibagor, entitled 'SMK   Care' in Banyumas (17-18 December 2011)
  • Continued activity of research on supply and demand of national timber in East Java, (20-23 December 2011)
  • Coordination of 2011 Planting Period (24-29 December 2011)


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Trees4Trees Social Staff, Mr. Kamil interviewing a housing developer

Two activities were completed in November 2011: Research on Supply and Demand of National Timber and Seedling Monitoring for 2011 Planting Period

1. Research on Supply and Demand of National Timber. Trees4Trees cooperated with Forestry Research and Development Agency of Ministry of Forestry of Republic of Indonesia to conduct Research on Supply and Demand of National Timber

2. Seedling Monitoring for 2011 Planting Period. The monitoring was performed by checking the condition and quantity of seedlings. The objective was to identify the development of seedlings in the nursery and calculating the total number of seedling.



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Explaining the use of GPS

Community forestry was introduced to villagers in Klumpit village, Pati district, and in Kalikidang, Banyumas district. A Forestry Management Unit , the basic management unit of a certified forest, was established in Klumpit.

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Mr. Melle discussing forest management with farmer

The Dutch association of senior professionals, PUM, generously sent an experienced tropical forester, Mr. Gideon van Melle, to evaluate Trees4Trees' operations.

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Teak Tree growth at 12 months

Is it worthwhile to plant trees?? Does it matter??

Some trees grow incredibly slowly, but it all adds up when they grow to maturity.

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