Sundanese Language Training to Strengthen Communication Skill to Local Communities

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West Java is one of Trees4trees’ work areas where most of the population speaks Sundanese as their first language. Although Bahasa Indonesia is used as a formal language, Sundanese as a local language is deeply attached in their daily life and daily conversation.  

Interaction and communication skills with local communities are one of the most important things to achieve successful program implementation in the villages. For this reason, field coordinators need to have good skills to communicate with them using the local language as one of effective approaches.  

Regarding the importance of mastering local language skills, Trees4Trees West Java work area held a training of communication and interaction with Sundanese Language and Culture in Arjasari, Bandung. The activity aimed to improve the communication skills of the field coordinators using the Sundanese language properly and correctly while working around the local communities. It was also purposed to enhance the ability of field coordinators to deliver program materials to villagers in Sundanese language. 

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The activity was held for two days and attended by 96 staff members of West Java Trees4Trees. The workshop was delivered interactively by Elis Mia, a Widyaswara Sundanese Language Expertise. 

trees4trees sundanese language training 

“The Sundanese language skill is very important in the implementation of Trees4Trees program in areas where people speak Sundanese. It will be easier for our team in the field to communicate and to convey program information using the everyday language of farmers or the local community. It is a good way to approach them. In the Sundanese language test during the training, we had a participant who got a perfect score of 100, and two participants got a good score of 95. We really appreciated them. We hope more field coordinators will have a good skill in mastering Sundanese language and culture after this training,” said Rahmat Syamsudin, Social Forestry of Trees4Trees.  

Rahmat also revealed that this training was expected to be a basic skill for field coordinators who work closely to local communities. In the future, capacity building trainings in communicating and interacting with local communities will continue to be carried out.  

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