Reforestation Projects UK

Reforestation Projects UK – In 2021, it was reported that UK woodland area comprises 3.23 million hectares. Over the years, this number is projected to deplete following the activity of deforestation. Like many forests in the world, woodland areas in the UK have an important role in the environment. As a result, reforestation projects UK is initiated as an effort to minimize the impact of deforestation on the environment.

Restoring UK’s Woodland With Reforestation Projects UK

Reforestation projects UK


Deforestation in the UK

According to Global Forest Watch, As of 2000, around 2.39Mha (9.8%) of land in the UK was covered by natural forest. However, since then, the number has steadily decreased. From 2001 to 2020, the United Kingdom has lost almost 481kha of tree cover. The peak of tree cover loss occurred in 2009 in which forestry and logging became the primary cause.

However, that’s not only the cause of deforestation in the UK. Centuries of mining and industrial revolution have left the UK’s woodland damaged and destroyed. Along with shifting agriculture, wildfire, and urbanization, these unfortunate events have contributed to the destruction of natural forests and their inhabitants. For that reason, the UK government and several organizations have begun their effort to restore the woodland 30 years ago.

The result is quite significant. More than 9 million trees have been planted to create what we know today as the National Forest. Despite the staggering result, the job is not done. To this day, various organizations worked together with the government to continue this noble effort of woodland revitalization.

Reforestation projects the UK

After centuries of town-building, the UK has fewer forests compared to other countries in Europe. As a result, the UK had lost its capability to reduce CO2 from the atmosphere. To balance the ever-growing usage of fossil fuel, many reforestation projects the UK were initiated over the years.

As reported by the PBS NewsHour, the UK had invested millions in the effort of replanting its forest. In England, UK reforestation projects are managed by Forestry England, a division of the Forestry Commission. The reforestation efforts are mainly targeted at several areas at which coal mines are used to be operated. The aim is to revitalize over 5,000 acres of rural land in the next five years.

However, that’s just one of many UK reforestation projects that exist. There are dozens of environmental organizations that initiated this project in different regions in the country. On top of that, you can also partake in the reforestation projects UK.

How to do your part 

There are several things that you can do to partake in reforestation projects UK. Three of which are becoming a volunteer, donating, or initiating your own reforestation project. Being a volunteer means lending your power in the field. To volunteer, you just have to apply to one or several reforestation organizations, such as Forestry England or Woodland Trust.

Alternatively, you can also make a donation to one of many reforestation charities in the UK. Several reforestation projects in the UK will be helped by your donation regardless of the amount. While most reforestation projects in the UK are legal, you might still find scams. If you doubt a particular charity, you can always check its work on several charity watch websites, such as CharityWatch, or Charity Navigator.

If you have the time and power to initiate your own projects UK, the government will happily fund you. Through Woodland Creation Planning Grant (WCPG) published on 9 July 2018, the Forestry Commission will fund any individual who is eligible to create woodland in the UK. If your proposal is approved, you will be awarded up to ₤30,000 for your woodland creation project.

Other than decreasing the CO2 volume, your created woodland will enrich the biodiversity in the area. Your woodland will become home to many species of birds, plants, and other organisms. However, before applying, make sure that you’re eligible for the fund. You can visit UK’s government website for more information regarding these reforestation projects UK.

So, that’s all about the reforestation in the UK. Dozens of environmental organizations and government organizations play an important role in the reforestation projects UK.  Amazingly, you can partake in the effort to restore the UK greenery in various ways. You can do it through donation, volunteering, or the government’s reforestation programs. Regardless of what you choose, it will be impactful for UK’s reforestation effort. If you want to know us in more detail please click on this page about us

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