Top Charities to Donate Trees

Top Charities to Donate Trees – Donate trees is one of the many deeds you can do to give back to the environment and Earth. As you know, trees play a big, important role for a better environment. They have a lot of benefits to offer, especially for the ecosystem and environment. If you do not have enough space at your house to plant a tree, you can opt for donating trees instead. Help to conserve the environment by donating trees through these charities below.

Top Charities to Donate Trees


Top Charities to Donate Trees

Trees for Life

Trees for Life is a conservation charity founded in Scotland back in 1993. This charity focuses on the revival and restoration of Scotland’s highlands. It aims to protect the native wildlife and trees through natural regeneration. The work is mostly done by the hard work of the volunteers. Since it focuses on the revival of Scotland’s highlands, this charity operates mostly in the Caledonian forest that covers most of the Scottish Highlands.

The work of Trees of Life involves nurturing the trees as well as planting native seedlings in order to encourage regeneration. They also research and reintroduce native wildlife back into their habitats. For example, red squirrels and lynx. Back in 2019, this charity has planted more than 1.5 million trees in order to restore the highlands. It also has saved more than 10,000 hectares of forest. Since most of the work is done mostly by volunteers, Trees of Life aims to take in more volunteers so that they can expand their work.

Therefore, if you want to support this charity, you can become a volunteer or dedicate a tree certificate or grove of trees to your beloved one.

Trees for Cities

You can also donate trees through Trees for Life. Based in the UK, this charity works on both local and international levels to plant trees in cities. Founded back in 1933 in London, it aims to create greener cities and grow appreciation for nature in the community. Since it focuses on urban greenery, it plants trees and parks not only in the UK, but also in Africa in order to combat climate changes and increase diversity.

Trees for Cities work together with schools to develop ‘edible playgrounds’. Edible playgrounds are gardens that can be used to teach students about the importance of planting and consuming healthy foods. This charity has planted more than 1 million trees in 26 cities. It also introduced 41 edible playgrounds back in 2019 to help students. In the future, Trees for Cities aim to grow an additional 10,000 trees in 11 cities in order to combat climate changes.

The best way to support Trees for Cities is through direct donations. You can also be a volunteer or start your own fundraisers.

Tree Aid

Tree Aid is an international charity organization founded in 1987 that aims to overcome poverty in Africa’s drylands. It was established in response to the famine in Ethiopia. This charity hopes to provide long-run solutions for the community to fight the effects of climate change and poverty. You can donate trees or buy gifts from their store, in which all incomes are used for growing trees.

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