The Goals of Applying Community Forestry Worldwide

The Goals of Applying Community Forestry Worldwide – Community forestry is one of the effective strategies to preserve, restore, and enhance forests. In this case, the communities who live near the forest have the right to manage the resources based on what they need.

The goal of the community forestry program is to improve the living conditions of the communities. The following information shows other goals that communities can achieve from this program.

The Goals of Applying Community Forestry Worldwide

The Goals of Applying Community Forestry Worldwide

Protect the Forest and Environment 

One of the goals of this program is to protect the forest and its surrounding. Industrial-scale logging and plantations are the biggest challenges since it destroys forests massively. This condition indeed affects the people who live and depend on the forest.

This program changes the rule where people around the forest have the right to produce food and take care of it. They know well how to use forest resources wisely. A good forest and environmental condition is a precious investment for future generations.

Improve the Condition of the Communities There 

Another benefit of developing a community forestry program is to improve the condition of the communities that live near the forest. They are not only protecting the forest but also allowing the use of the resources.

For instance, a community in a certain area knows that the forest produces a lot of nuts. In this case, they can take and consume the nuts or sell them. This strategy helps the community survive economically since they earn money to buy healthy foods and other things.

Keep the Heritage and Identity 

Communities who live near forests get used to the plants there. They know which plants that safe to consume, for medication, or poisonous. It is one of the precious assets that the younger generations should know.

They can keep the tradition and heritage. The most important thing is that this community can protect the forest from exploitation and deforestation.

Use Forest and Environment without Exploiting It 

The young generations and business owners can collaborate with the communities that depend on the forest. They can learn new knowledge about how to use forests and the environment wisely without exploiting them.

Indeed, the community forestry program should give benefits to all parties involved without sacrificing the forest. This program can even produce innovation, renewable energy, and other new opportunities for all sectors. As a result, the communities around the forest can stay peacefully while taking the forest resources.

The point is that the community forestry program has a lot of benefits. The benefit of community forestry is not only for human beings but also for the forest and environment itself. All parties have a role to prevent forest resources exploitation and deforestation.

The better the communities treat the forest and environment, the better the quality of the forest. The communities will get high-quality resources in the best forest and environmental conditions. Imagine that by applying for the community forestry program, you will get high-quality oxygen, beautiful scenery, and forest resources you have never seen before. At the same time, this program also reduces serious disasters caused by forest exploitation or deforestation.  For more info, please contact us..

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