Benefits of Planting Trees for the Environment

Tree planting is one of the ways that we can save and maintain the environment. As we all already know, air pollution is getting worse over time, especially in big cities. And planting trees can reduce or at least slow down the air pollution. We probably cannot feel the benefits of planting trees within a short period of time. But in the future, this effort will be very helpful and beneficial for our kids so that they can live in a clean, fresh environment. Below are the advantages of tree planting.

Benefits of Planting Trees for the Environment

Benefits of Planting Trees for the Environment


Producing Oxygen

The main benefit of planting trees is producing oxygen. As we all know, oxygen is an essential element for any living thing on Earth. Since trees produce oxygen, they make the air become fresher. Trees are an air filter on Earth. With their stems and leaves, trees absorb dangerous gas and components in the air, then produce oxygen. Therefore, planting trees really helps to improve the quality of the air we inhale.

Absorbing Harmful Components

The next benefit of tree planting is absorbing harmful components. Besides producing oxygen, trees also absorb polluting gas and components, such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and nitric oxide. These components play a big role in environmental damages, such as depletion of the ozone layer, which increases the heat on Earth, or also known as Global Warming. Moreover, trees can also get rid of dust and smoke.

Therefore, planting trees becomes an important step to improve the environment as well as safe Earth.

Reducing the Impacts of Climate Changing

One of the main causes of climate change is the huge amount of carbon dioxide in the air. And trees can help to reduce the amount significantly by releasing oxygen in the air. Besides reducing the impacts of climate change, tree planting can also help us to survive.

Keeping the Population of Living Things

One tree can be a home to tens or even hundreds of living things, such as birds, reptiles, bugs, mushrooms, and even other plants. Cutting a tree means removing their home. We have seen so much news about animals attacking locals’ residences since they have lost their homes. So, in order to maintain the ecosystem balance, we should plant trees so that other living things can live.

Preventing Erosion

Another advantage of tree planting is preventing erosion that triggers landslides. Extremely dry lands without trees will easily collapse when it is hit by a great amount of water pressure during the rainy season. And trees can reduce the water pressure before it reaches the ground. Moreover, their roots can absorb excess rainwater. This way, the risk of landslides is lower. Therefore, planting trees in the areas prone to landslides is highly suggested.

Saving Energy

Do you know that planting trees can also help to save more energy? Since trees can make the air quality better and fresher, it can reduce the use of electronic appliances, such as air conditioners that require great electrical energy.

Those are the benefits of tree planting. –

Benefits of Planting Trees for the Environment

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