4 Steps on How the Community Forestry Project Works

How the Community Forestry Project Works – Community forestry is letting the communities that depend on the forest manage the forest resources to improve their conditions. This program works in several ways to educate all parties to protect forests and the environment. Learn how the community forestry program works below.

Helps Local People to Get Their Rights 

This program can’t run well if the local people or communities don’t get their right to their land. That’s why the first step of this program is to help them get the right to manage the land and forest. They can manage the forest according to their traditions and culture because they are the owner of the forest. The long-term effect of this program is to make forests and the environment healthier than before.

4 Steps on How the Community Forestry Project Works

How the Community Forestry Project Works

Educate All Parties about the Importance of Community Forestry 

There is a case that specific parties refuse to start community forestry. It can be because they don’t understand the points and benefits of the community forestry program. That’s why the organizations that focus on this program should educate all parties about the importance of doing it regularly.

Let’s say you have to explain the economy, social, climate, and environmental benefits they will get after doing this program. You can even compare the conditions before and after running this plan. Show to them the example of communities that have successfully gotten the benefits. It is also necessary to explain the dangers of keeping exploiting the forest and the environment.

Share Beneficial Experiences with Communities in Different Countries 

Some countries are successfully developing this plan. It is a great example for other countries that still struggle to do it. The next thing that organizations have to do is learn from the success stories. It is a precious asset to get new models and approaches for the development of this project in your country.

You can go abroad and learn directly from the communities and people there. Then, share your knowledge and experience with your communities. Nowadays, you can use a variety of media to share the idea of this project attractively, such as films, social media, websites, and many more.

Keep Practicing 

You can’t stop the project only because the communities don’t get the points of it. On the other hand, you should be more creative to find the most effective way to trigger the communities and people in the forest to start a community forestry project.

Indeed, you have to get the community environment and a good support system to keep everything running well. The best thing you can do is by solving the issues and challenges one by one until reaching your goals.

The point is that doing a community forestry project involves a long process. The process is hard to complete sometimes, but it doesn’t mean that you have to stop. You have to think about the advantages the communities get when they apply this project regularly. The explanation about the way community forestry works above can also help those who want to start the same project.  Please contact us..for more info

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