May 2013 – ACIAR Study: Field Visit

Researchers of ACIAR on Study “Overcoming Constraints to Community-based Commercial Forestry in Indonesia” visited PT. Albasia Bhumiphala Persada (PT. ABP) in Temanggung, Central Java. The factory has been cooperating with Trees4Trees™ in the production of FSC-Controlled Wood Albizia in Gunung Wungkal Forest Management Unit (FMU).

The researchers also visited community forests in FMU of Gunung Wungkal, the activity was aimed at observing FSC (Controlled Wood) wood supply directly from forest to factory with Trees4Trees™ assistance. Valuable experience is gained for the research program by observing first hand, the working community forestry cycle from planting to harvesting along with the responsible forestry practices encouraged by the FSC and Trees4Trees programs. 

Devi 27-May-13

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